All Drunken Lovers Find Their Way Home Eventually

Not all who wander are lost in the sea
Your heart is a compass, pointing to me
I've drug the moon down off its high horse
And now all I've got to do is capture the sun.
I broke ground in my mind to build you,
The greatest piece of architecture in the world
If only you could see it,
It would take your breath away

I'm not lost anymore
I found there's sand beneath my feet
I'm not drifting further and further
Out into the sea
The tide won't be taking me anywhere
Not this time, instead
I'll plant my feet in the ground and
Start walking to where you and I begin.

The poetry of the elegant, it will surely sing
The tale of us lovers, and our need to be
With phrases and metaphors, language laced beautifully
I've got no doubt, this is how we're supposed to be.

Sing me your song, and I'll sing you mine
Lend me your ear, and I promise I'll try
To lift you to the clouds, on a plane of winged words
A broken-hearted symphony, like that of dead birds
The structure is shaped, into something that I've seen
I know it too well, but I don't know what it means
Its lines are as clear, as the sea where we swim
But the it's meaning is muddy, like the lake where we first died.
I know it hurts darling,
But please don't cry
Because sooner or later
Your arms will be wrapped around mine.

Turning Us Into Birds (The Tragedy of Anna and Lee)

Our feathers dance so gracefully and with such poise
As they float down to the ground
Only to stepped upon and forgotten,
But for a moment you see them,
And for a moment you love them

She said "Did you see that beautiful feather, I wonder which bird it came from?"

She picked it up off the ground and place inside her book to keep forever, she turned her pale blue eyes skyward and wondered, what it felt like to be a bird.

He said to her "Oh Anna, won't you bring your head out of those clouds"

He never understood her, until she jumped off of the bridge, just dying to fly.

Buildings shouldn't burn because they're made out of metal
Much like our hearts when it's been broken too many times.
Someone find the architect and get the key to the lock because
I'm ready to let you into mine.

He hadn't turned on a light in 3 days, his eyes didn't want to see.
He didn't look in the mirror for a week, because he knew that he was crying
and didn't want to face his weakness.
37 missed calls, 18 from his mother, 5 from her friends...bill collectors were the others.
"Anna", he just screamed at night, "I wish I could have loved you, the way you wanted to be loved!"

When I was a child,
I thought like a child,
I saw as a child,
I played as a child,
Now that I'm an adult
I wish I had time for childish things.

Anna had always wanted children, but he couldn't give them to her.
He had held her back so much, he understood why she had to fly.
He was like a chain around her neck, harnessing her to the ground
If only he had realized that she knew more about life than he could ever hope to
She saw the beauty in things that he could never see.

As I,
Stared down at the ground,
I feel my body become like a cloud
I feel so light now,
twirling down.

Swallowed alive by shame and agony,
He never even left the house.
Until one bright morning, when the sun came in just right.
He walked to the bridge where she left him, and decided to learn to fly.