Filling A Book With The Things I Don't Know...

Can I...
No wait a second
Erase that from your memory
Maybe the better question is

Will I?

Will I ever be the person that envisioned I could be.
Is that person inside of me and will they ever be let out?

Did you know that speed of light is...
Me neither.

Because I could fill a book with the things that I don't know.
Hell, I could probably make it an encyclopedia.
Because I haven't gone
From Rome to whatever I would be if I went around the world and ended right next to Rome.
See, because I have NO idea what city is next to Rome.

So surely I can't say I've lived, but I can say that I have LIVED.
Because I've done plenty of things, and I've been beat against walls
And I've been thrown across the room, and I've felt the kiss of a lover.
And I've been down, and I've been happy.
And there's no way, I'd ever give it back.

In the grand scheme of everything there is, I don't know much.
But I CAN fill a book with the things that I know.
And goddamit I plan to.
Because I want you all to know that I have been alive
And I have been in love.
And I've seen things that are wonderful to tell.
But then I've seen things that make me want to cry
And I'll cry
Because I'm not afraid to cry anymore
And I don't wanna hide anymore.
So I won't.

By the time I am done
You'll know me....

The Sun Turns Grey & The Rise of Starting Anew

Another year for things to be perfect.
Until the carcasses awake and run their fingers down your spine
And leave a chill deep in your bones that even death could not subside.

Because when you expect too much you get nothing,
And I've done this all before
Makin wishes and getting no answers to the questions that I've wondered
Just how long I'm willing to be silence before my lungs explode from containing air