Deflowering The Charybdis

With my lion teeth I will tear skin from body to make the canvas on which I will paint eternity
With all the hope I can afford I will make mothers pray for a light in their broken daughter's skies
I will not be consumed as a liar, my truth is far to great for either man or deity to understand.

What do you know of mercy?
I've been here for a hundred years and I'm still tortured
My scars can't heal before they're yet ripped gaping again.

And I'll feed the lords to the wolves for their unkept promises that they place upon mortal men.

My grief shall make a wonderful pyre to place your roses upon
Before we set them ablaze and send them to the sea.
My hands will mold death and desire into the hearts of nations
Who waste time singing nothing but cowardice songs

What do you know of me?
Nothing but what I've told you.
Claim that your truth is otherwise
And fake shall be your name.

I shall shroud in mystery myself
And the very essence of my existence.
So much easier that way,
To make Kings bow at your feet.

A Man Who Realizes Things Too Late

The weatherman said that it would surely rain.
So I decided to stay indoors for the remainder of the day
I made myself some tea and pulled a book from on the shelf
Trying to forget events that lead me to this hell.

Never again, never again, never again will I
Up and run without considering why
Always the same, Always the same, Always the same it seems to me
I've been living in this misery for years

When she walked away it crumbled
When I ran away she cried
She decided the fight was worth it
I decided not to fight
Is that regret in my thoughts
Is there a echo in my voice
Or is the walls of this lonely house
Just confirming what I know.

I'm alone, I'm alone, I'm alone
And there is nothing but silence here.
I can't talk, I can't talk to myself
Because my ears to do not want to hear
What my mouth, What my mouth, what my mouth
What my filthy mouth has to say.

I shall drink the blood of my own heart today.


“My name is Nathaniel, and excuse me but I was wondering
Would you like to go with me to get a drink?
No? Well that’s ok, I was just curious, sorry that I wasted your time…”

“My name is Nathaniel”; “Hello, my name is Aylene
And I’m sorry Nathaniel, but if you could just not bother me
I’m headed home from a break up, and I thought I’d just stop in
I don’t need to be bombarded by all you stupid useless men”

I walk the streets of London a rich man
But poor in that certain sense that I’ll never find love again
I shouldn’t have let her go, she was my world, my everything
Why I up and left is something I can never say
I was scared of myself, the person I feel I have become
A monster of sorts, and I am not the only one
The glances and the stares
Enough to make me feel like giving up
And just grow into a discarded old man

Love has found me once and like a dunce I let it go
And now it’s never to return, of this I am for sure
I sit down in a coffee shop; I sip my drink alone
I tell myself my stories, thou I’ve heard every one
I pull out my pen and paper, and I try to write something
But the only thing I can scribble is…

“I’m sorry for everything”

It’s better than nothing, as I slip it in the mail
I hope she still resides there, if she doesn’t then, oh well
That letter will never make her understand what I have done
Or why I can’t return, even though she’s the one I love
I go back home and sit upon my lonesome bed
I cry myself to sleep, and shut the dreams out of my head
Because she’s in every one, and it hurts to see her face
I remember it so beautifully, it fades to black, as do my days

As Shakespeare would say “they may think their manhood’s cheap”
But mine is cheaper still since I walked from Harmony.

Your End Starts Here

Lovers in this hotel room, dirty sheets to lie between
Just a look into your eyes, she knows what you mean
We both know the intentions, it happens here tonight
This flame will never die; try as other might.

Mother doesn’t understand, her face shows discontent
But this is love at it’s purest, never shall it wait
Now approaching baby, in the stomach of Therese.
This bond grows ever stronger; this passion will never cease

Mother, I’m not listening to a single word you say
One day you will see, you were wrong in every way

Now she lays upon the bed, the pain saturates her eyes
The baby is forthcoming, as both start to cry
Healthy baby boy, start you now your days
Your first gasps of life, just a glance of future ways

Nathaniel starts to crawl, he giggles and he cries
He’s such a beautiful baby; such a passionate life.

Nathaniel, The World Lost You Today

The story has ended swiftly with the knowledge still not shared
Watching poor Nathaniel die alone upon his bed.
His flare for life only helped to sparked his tragic end
No one can mend his wounds, nor his heart or his head.

Nurses in silent anticipation, crossed hands and heads held to the floor.

Motions and machines Nathaniel, wired for your death
Share some stories of this life, before you have none left
It was a long and battered road
And to some relief, it all comes to an end
Nathaniel do not cry
For you won’t reap these benefits of sin.

From infant unto orphan until adult onto your death
You were dealt the worst of hands; no pithiness is left
The fault lies not within, at the age of 43
It was some life you lived, experiencing more you’ll ever need.

Close your eyes Nathaniel, fading sounds of machine beeps.
Nurses in silent anticipation
Wait no longer for you to sleep.

Nathaniel, End Your War

Nathaniel, dig your heels into the trenches
And press your back against the walls, mortars flying overhead.

This isn’t your war, but you will still fight it
Because it’s the obligation you inherited from your fathers

You’ll find the blood-drenched field, more than you want to take
Eventually they’ll break you down and send you running for your grave
But Nathaniel, you won’t falter, nor will you bleed a single drop

You’ve learned from day one how to kill,
From that city onto this champion of hills
Your enemy is them, but don’t become one of your self.
It’s so easy to lose yourself out here in Hell.

Oh Nathaniel, when I set you out upon this mission
I must confess I didn’t think you would come out of here alive
Imagine my surprise, and fathom my chagrin, when you killed them all.
Mothers, daughters, brothers, fathers. Nathaniel, you took down these walls.

But now I’ve tortured you long enough
I told you that you’d never bleed

Now I send you off to find love...

Nathaniel, Come Home

Nathaniel walks the streets of Rome
A rich man, but poor and without love
He’s spent too long hiding from his striking silhouette
It’s a wonder he’s not dead

He has walked a road, filled with fissures and holes
He’s broken his legs, just trying to make it known
That he wishes he had left this place, so long ago.

And I cry every evening wishing I could bring him home
Nathaniel my son, I know I have done so much wrong
I don’t expect you to forgive me, or ever speak my name
Just know, your father loves you.

His mansion may seem large, but it’s a cold place to live
The things he’s seen are images, dancing slowly thru his head
Nathaniel cries each night, only because he is alone
I sent him to find love, but taught him nothing of it at home.

And I would beat myself so bloody
Just to hear you knock upon my door
Rush into my arms, and show your mother love
You’ve been away so long son; I need you to come home

It’s not the same without you,
Just not the same without you