“My name is Nathaniel, and excuse me but I was wondering
Would you like to go with me to get a drink?
No? Well that’s ok, I was just curious, sorry that I wasted your time…”

“My name is Nathaniel”; “Hello, my name is Aylene
And I’m sorry Nathaniel, but if you could just not bother me
I’m headed home from a break up, and I thought I’d just stop in
I don’t need to be bombarded by all you stupid useless men”

I walk the streets of London a rich man
But poor in that certain sense that I’ll never find love again
I shouldn’t have let her go, she was my world, my everything
Why I up and left is something I can never say
I was scared of myself, the person I feel I have become
A monster of sorts, and I am not the only one
The glances and the stares
Enough to make me feel like giving up
And just grow into a discarded old man

Love has found me once and like a dunce I let it go
And now it’s never to return, of this I am for sure
I sit down in a coffee shop; I sip my drink alone
I tell myself my stories, thou I’ve heard every one
I pull out my pen and paper, and I try to write something
But the only thing I can scribble is…

“I’m sorry for everything”

It’s better than nothing, as I slip it in the mail
I hope she still resides there, if she doesn’t then, oh well
That letter will never make her understand what I have done
Or why I can’t return, even though she’s the one I love
I go back home and sit upon my lonesome bed
I cry myself to sleep, and shut the dreams out of my head
Because she’s in every one, and it hurts to see her face
I remember it so beautifully, it fades to black, as do my days

As Shakespeare would say “they may think their manhood’s cheap”
But mine is cheaper still since I walked from Harmony.


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