Nathaniel, End Your War

Nathaniel, dig your heels into the trenches
And press your back against the walls, mortars flying overhead.

This isn’t your war, but you will still fight it
Because it’s the obligation you inherited from your fathers

You’ll find the blood-drenched field, more than you want to take
Eventually they’ll break you down and send you running for your grave
But Nathaniel, you won’t falter, nor will you bleed a single drop

You’ve learned from day one how to kill,
From that city onto this champion of hills
Your enemy is them, but don’t become one of your self.
It’s so easy to lose yourself out here in Hell.

Oh Nathaniel, when I set you out upon this mission
I must confess I didn’t think you would come out of here alive
Imagine my surprise, and fathom my chagrin, when you killed them all.
Mothers, daughters, brothers, fathers. Nathaniel, you took down these walls.

But now I’ve tortured you long enough
I told you that you’d never bleed

Now I send you off to find love...


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