Nathaniel, The World Lost You Today

The story has ended swiftly with the knowledge still not shared
Watching poor Nathaniel die alone upon his bed.
His flare for life only helped to sparked his tragic end
No one can mend his wounds, nor his heart or his head.

Nurses in silent anticipation, crossed hands and heads held to the floor.

Motions and machines Nathaniel, wired for your death
Share some stories of this life, before you have none left
It was a long and battered road
And to some relief, it all comes to an end
Nathaniel do not cry
For you won’t reap these benefits of sin.

From infant unto orphan until adult onto your death
You were dealt the worst of hands; no pithiness is left
The fault lies not within, at the age of 43
It was some life you lived, experiencing more you’ll ever need.

Close your eyes Nathaniel, fading sounds of machine beeps.
Nurses in silent anticipation
Wait no longer for you to sleep.


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