Fucked Up Head - A Story Of Abuse

The lips,
and the eyes...

How beautifully they....no...

Oh the split lips and the black eyes,
Screaming no, no, but it doesn't help.
Because he's...
Drank to much
Because he's...
Lost touch

Reality is skewed
And he won't remember it tomorrow
But you'll wear the evidence on your face like a badge
He'll say he's sorry, but does he ever really mean it?
When his fist finally open, can you stand his fucking touch?

I'd wait,
I'd pray

How dangerously we've....no...

I'd wait until he's sleeping,
And then I'd pray nobody finds him,
Because I'm done living in his ruins
He's done ruining your family
Take the kids and run away from this
Let them know just what you've
Tell them daddy won't be joining us
You're through with the things he's done.
They'll understand it when they're older
They'll see a hero in your eyes
Because you saved them from a monster
Without you they would have died.

Everyone said that you should leave him.
But they just turned the other way.
God forbid they tried to help you
You did your own way.
The abusers deserves just what they get
But it never takes away the pain.
Because the split lips and black eyes
It takes more than water to wash away.


How Beautifully Leaves Grow Old

My heart is an open wound and a book.
Writing pages of banter
To pull the sheets from the bed of our lovers.

No one will sleep here tonight because my song hasn't yet been sung.

And by the time you realize,
Just what the ghost that haunts you wants.
It may already be to late to save your soul.
And by the day you take your last breath
I may have already moved onto my next victim

No one will sleep
No one will hear
I will defy the earth and cleanse the air
Make a mockery, of what your eyes have seen.
And you will all crumble before the ghost of me.

How beautifully leaves grow old.
How full of light and color are their last days.
They'll fall to mother earth just like a child
Begging to be held

And no one will sleep here because I will pierce your ears with the sound of my exaggerations.
Once I am buried in the sky you really know just what I meant when I said "fly".