Vast Winter (Pt.1 - The Finale)

I can feel the cold freezing my life away but I can't seem to stop it.
I hear the crunch of snow as people walk by my soon to be corpse.
Can't they hear me, can't they see me?
Do they care about the things that I have seen?

These questions are considered unimportant by the wind
As it blows across my face and steals my breath away.

It's just so cold...

I lose the ability to move, and warmth overcomes me.
Like a movie in my brain, my life flashes before me.
Against all my will, my body is betraying me.
It's letting go of the little threads of life.

Can't you see me!
Can't you hear me!

The vast winter is like any other before.
But I'll never see another one again...


The Death Of Superman

Don't call me amazing.
Because I'm not.
I'm not any better than the...
Single mother trying to raise a kid on her own
Because the deadbeat father up and
Ran away.

I'm not a superhero anymore because
To call me a hero after seeing the magic of two people in love
Would just be

I may
Save lives
and I may
always be there
But have you ever been held in the arms of someone who's truly
Always There?

Love is like a row of mended white fences,
It doesn't always start out perfect but if you work at it enough
It will take your breath away.
Like the first kiss of realizing that this one is the one.
The first touch of another,
just dying to become one
with you.

I may come from another planet, but I tell
Love is other worldy too.
It's like a whole other universe where nothing ever goes wrong
Where life is worth living.

So don't call me amazing.
I'm not the superhero you want.
That's a job better left to her eyes.