I Don't Wanna Stop...

Everyone knows Dylan Thomas,
And everyone watched the Dangerous Minds
And we all know that he said "Rage, against the dying of the light"

Maybe my light's dying,
The me I used to be is becoming a little bit dimmer,
So I've got to learn to rage against the dying of myself
To beat against the walls of this concrete hell and yell
"I am not a prisoner or a victim!"

Because if anyone's to blame for why I feel insane, I am.
And if I could ever set foot on the doorstep of the grandfather that took my childhood
I would just to throw hate into his face, and that would just feed the ugliness of his soul.

So I'll rage against the dying of myself, throw my hands up to the clouds and exclaim
"I am a free spirit, and I dare you to fuck with me!"
Because I spent years in a jail cell of my own making
On a floor caked with blood and skin of my own taking.

All I want to do is spill ink onto page and make it turn into a poem
Spill paint onto canvas and call it a masterpiece,
I want to be so much more than I allow myself to be.
I want to be a crutch and a healer to those who love me.
I want to...

So I rage against the dying of myself, because I am a light that won't ever extinguish
Even when I'm gone you'll all remember me.
Because I want to leave an impact that would make oceans turn red
A footprint in the sad that would make god himself blush.

I want to be more than mankind...

So I'll rage against the dying
of myself...