When The Marauder's Wife Sings Back To Me

Oh sweet stranger, how I have lied to you
Fooled you with my beauty, but surely you knew
That I'm just a collector of hearts and now,
Yours will placed on my shelf

You'll find me a false skeleton of the princess you're seeking
The skin a pigmented glimpse of the touch that you yearn for.

My truth would scar the sun and I'm not in the business of being in love with you.
I'm just the flicker of the eyelash that graces your cheek when the butterflies kiss you to sleep.
I never said I was a saint, you just saw me that way.
I played innocent while you played the fool,
Now look what I've done to you.

Oh sweet stranger, how I've lied to you.
I'm merely a ghost that will vanish as soon as you open your eyes.


No beautiful, I don't believe, there's no way that this can be true.
I've sung you my songs til I'm blue in the face, and now tell me what shall I do.
Shall I sail the seas just looking for another girl of your poise & beauty.

No, no, I shall keep trying.
I won't give up until you love me.

I'm not like the others who you have laid with on your bed.
I much more than a mere man who has visions of you in his head.
I can kiss your lips, and I can make you feel.
You're not a ghost, you're my angel
Why can't you believe this is real.


Wake up from slumber you pitiful fool.
I'm no longer here to amuse you,
I've had my fun, and I'll slip away.
I have no other use for you.


How could you do this to me.
All the things that I've sacrificed


I didn't ask you to love me,
I just wanted your love that night.


Oh, what shall they say when I tell them my story.
How I and the marauder's wife had a love that they could not touch.
And of how she tore my heart away, and ground into the dust.
Her kiss, her gentle hands so beautiful when they hugged me.
But now I shall sit here and cry, over you my lovely.


Don't you waste your tears on my me, I'm not worth the effort.


You don't know me, and you never will.
I swam the oceans and braved the storms to sing my songs at your will.


I never asked you to sing to me.
I've enjoyed you long enough, now it's time for me to set you free.


I can not turn back now, she's all but closed the door.
Will I ever get over this pain that fills me?
Will I ever want to love again.
Perhaps I feel too anxiously.
Should I ever fall again?