Throne To Dogs

Well tell the wolves and their kings to stop howling
I'm just trying to get some sleep on this most solemn of nights
Laying down my armor at the foot of my bed
I never wear want to be the killer again.
No, I never want to see that side of things.

Forty long years.
Dragging my sword through the mud and muck
Forty long years
Just trying to keep myself clean from the blood

And I'll be damned if I'll be a warrior again the next time they beckon.
Because I've had my fair share of close calls and I think it's time to close the book.
Tomorrow I will burn these things, and you'll never see me kill again.

I'm done
Forty long years
Dragging their bodies through the dirt and dust
Forty long years
I'll be lucky just to see the kids of my kids.

No longer.
Have the old me thrown to the dogs to devour whole before he rises from slumber
No more.
I fought your wars for forty years and now I am through.