Nathaniel, Come Home

Nathaniel walks the streets of Rome
A rich man, but poor and without love
He’s spent too long hiding from his striking silhouette
It’s a wonder he’s not dead

He has walked a road, filled with fissures and holes
He’s broken his legs, just trying to make it known
That he wishes he had left this place, so long ago.

And I cry every evening wishing I could bring him home
Nathaniel my son, I know I have done so much wrong
I don’t expect you to forgive me, or ever speak my name
Just know, your father loves you.

His mansion may seem large, but it’s a cold place to live
The things he’s seen are images, dancing slowly thru his head
Nathaniel cries each night, only because he is alone
I sent him to find love, but taught him nothing of it at home.

And I would beat myself so bloody
Just to hear you knock upon my door
Rush into my arms, and show your mother love
You’ve been away so long son; I need you to come home

It’s not the same without you,
Just not the same without you


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