Harmony, Whilst The Music Of Your Concerto Fades

I fall to my knees as I open the closet door
All his things are gone, how could he just leave?
Was it something that I said, or was it something that I did
I don’t understand why he left, not a word was said.

Oh Nathaniel, where are you
Won’t you just come back to me?
I can forgive all your transgression
Just come back to Harmony.

I stare at the tearstains upon my pillowcase
Why can’t I just forget him, he didn’t love me anyway
If he did, he’d still be here, and he’s not and I don’t care.
But why can’t I stop crying every time I think his name.

These things are you fault Nathaniel,
These lines are all your doing,
And now I’ll undo the damage that you’ve caused.

Step one towards the ledge is the harder than I thought…

As she falls unto her doom, and slowly leaves the earth
A postal truck turns the corner and stops in front of her
Unaware the postman just drops the mail off in the slot
The only letter she received was addressed from Nathaniel Scotts


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