Abigail Played Murder In The Key Of "D"

She played concertos to the rhythm of a solemn heart
With grace, so beautifully, I cried and I smiled
She played my soul, and my heart, all at once
And she left me wanting more than I got.

So I screamed to her.

"Love can do many things,
It can tear you apart at the seams
Stab you like a knife
Infect you like a disease…
Or love can lift you to heights
Of Kings and their lovely Queens."

She looked deep into my eyes before she kissed me
I could tell there was a hurt inside those eyes
I whispered "Don't worry about the history,
I'm different from all those other guys."

I watched her play again, oh so beautifully
Her music seemed to echo all the pain
All the anguish that I had suffered
Translated through her strings.

I cried.

"You play so stunningly, It is a mystery
How you can speak my soul, with those strings
I've never heard such grace in all my days."

Love can do many things
It can tear you apart at the seams
Or it can make you realize
Just what life is like
When there's beauty
In your sights.

I loved her like no other
Such feelings I'd never felt before
Her smiled filled me with such happiness
And now I wanted nothing more.

Then she stopped playing suddenly.
And wrapped her strings around my neck
The blood rushed to behind my eyes
I knew I wasn't far from death.
My vision started to go black
I realized this was the end
I felt the blood trickling from my throat
And then she just left me for dead

I heard her play so beautifully
Her strings sang like never before
They sang of happiness and joy
From the body they left upon the floor…


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