Black Birds And A Change Of Viewpoint

Spray Painting Doves Black
Everything around me
Please just change
Turn these white walls
Into a familiar shade of grey
Just the monotone
And everything I said wrong
I fear these will all be
Shallow graves before long

Don’t speak to me counselor
Please just go away
Your antiquated cliches
Are more than my patience today

I’d like to say I’m sorry to the world
And I’d like to mean everything I say
Or at least have no one question
The words that compose my phrase

Everything around me
Please just change
If my blood were red
Let it now flow grey
This isn’t the same place
It’s not the same mystique
The mask have been removed
Until I don’t recognize a thing

Like the walls that surround me on all four side
Only they can tell you just what lies within
This is the deception I’ve played my whole life
But now it too grows thin...

The Dishonesty Of Crows
Fake your flight with a looped video of wings fluttering
The jury and I know you’re just running away
Scared of the life you didn’t think you were fit for
You’re just a prophet building false beliefs

How can you believe in me if you don’t believe in yourself

And I’d like to call you a liar
But I know you told the truth
You just left out the part
Where you were to scared to
Your biggest fear is to live your life alone
Well that’s become reality, you worthless fucking crow.

The phone rings to spill your pitiful cliches
Well I’m not listening, to a word you say
You crawl through the empty holes inside your head
The darkened spaces to which your heart has fled

So just fly away on your lead soaked wings
Crash into the ocean and sink.
You never learned to swim
You never learned to dance
Just words weren’t enough
When it came to love like this.


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