Classic Mutiny Of The High Seas

Our captain falls from the highest crow's nest in the sea
Stranded with his shipwreck, Wooden leg in tow
He's the only one here who doesn't know.
This island harbors murders, liars, and thieves
And the men of the ship in which he leads

We'll bleed him dry, this is a mutiny in the highest regard
Take these decks to the depths, put this ship to the bottom
And tie him to the bow

It's not all lost now; civilization will survive
But unfortunately for our dear captain
It will be the last time that he ever
Calls us worthless and stares at us with his glass eye

Turncoats and traitors are we all
But at least we will be free
From love and lust and never knowing
What this wooden wreck will take on.

Throw this scourge to the sharks; even they won't feast of his flesh
Let him drown in the boat upon which he led us to our deaths…


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