Well, Since You're Down There, I Might As Well Kick You

Scattered my vital organs, amongst the grass
3 miles from my front door, but the earth is fading fast
Lights trapping me in, like a brightened mausoleum
Then by my own body, betrayed am I again

I never gave up, not once
Now I can't stop from dying
I'm not headed towards a white light
I'm just finding
That this is end of everything, just like I knew it was
Filthy these hands, face down in blood.

A corpse am I, eyes sunken and broken jaw
Tongue ripped from my mouth, for the cause
Left for dead in the pouring rain, sinking into mud
I survived your heartbreak, but I cannot take this flood.
A wave of consciousness that sinks into your bones.
You know well what you did, when you left me here alone.
It's not what you say, it's your primal reaction
Your reaction was to leave me battered and broken,
With nails driven into my lungs.

I never gave up, not once, but suddenly I've died
The white light is the sun reflecting off all the tears that you cry
This is the end of the world, apocalyptic as it was
Filthy these hands, soiled these clothes
Severed the legs, encased in blood.

Vile betrayer, you have shed from your disguise
You ripped my tongue from my mouth, so no one could hear my cries.


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