House On No Street

In the hell of the earth
Where no man dare go
There stands a house
That only death knows
It's fleeting in form
Withered in shape
And once the door opens
You'll never escape
The windows bleed black
So no one can see in
And peer into the torture
That this house represents

If you've only heard stories
Then consider yourself blessed
Because my tale is like kin
To a novel of death
Skin off the bones
And blood in the raw
Death speaking softly
With a long southern drawl

Now I regret the day
That I stepped foot in
Once the door shuts
There's no happiness again
Your pain can't compare
To what lies inside
You all bleed but know not
What it feels like to die

Hollow of all feeling
Void of all love
Stripped of your soul
Dragged through the mud
No shadow, no reflection
Just darkness in black walls
The stench of destruction
And blood in the halls

So keep your distance
Or end up like me
Dead and alone
In the house on no street


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