Nathaniel Upon Dry Hills

Nathaniel cries as he looks into the darkened skies over his hometown,
What was once beautiful has now become an institution that only dreamers can understand.

And they all drink their rum & wine,
Caring not the consequences of actions, that they themselves have yet to speak of.

Nathaniel knows that this is doom
He knows the forming clouds, pacing over his broken city
Aren't longing for any love
But begging only to drown it

They look not skyward as they dance
Eyes affixed on the girls before them
The one, two step of a beautiful masquerade
They rejoice, as though this were a parade

Flee Nathaniel
Leave this city behind to it's dust
Mother Nature will destroy it
Nathaniel, this you must trust
There is no God above
There is no Hell below
No one to judge you, for leaving behind these battered souls

Waves will crash as the water meets itself on the dirty ground before it
This is as much as Hell as anything you've ever seen
They danced so well, but they can't swim, if only they knew how
Then they could reach their lovers before they were swallowed by the mouth.

Upon dry hills Nathaniel looks at this new formed sea
He adds his tears to the waters, but they do not fall for thee
They are tears of joy because, he has finally made it out
Cities may burn, and towns may flood, and now this town has all drowned

Below the bodies rest upon the water, like they are a new bed
They sleep eternal sleep, finally they rest their heads
No one dances, no one sings, the music now subsides

Cities burn
Towns flood
And now this town has died.


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