Ghost Never Die

The Ghost Of Epic Heroes (Put Myself To Rest)

Well here I go again, and my screams
They just sound like TV static
The absence and void of being
The descent of fatal flaw...
O' heart, you've never felt so deadly...

I draw back with all my might...

But yet my sword draws no blood
Yet my blade brings no scar
How do I fight when I'm useless
A beggar in warrior skin...

Strung up from gallows I helped construct...

Call me a thief
Call me a liar
Use the only words you know
Force-feed me your diet
Of broken promises
Your poison soup
For my tortured soul...

O' heart, you've never failed me so...

Rain down, and flash black, so none but us can see

The Ghost Of Those In Panic (Forest Of Sleeping Giants)
I'm wide awake watching
This whole world sleeping in...

What do I do?
How do I warn them,
If we follow the path of these ways
Then there's no way we can ever leave this hell

Am I the only one here,
Who sees the tragedy,
That we are about to unfold?

So keep the door shut
Open the window instead
And crawl out to the back alley
Before someone finds us dead...

And we are all just messengers
With a warning that we share
First we must realize our position
Before we take on the burden we bear

Scream at the top of your lungs
"Those who are now sleeping,
Everybody, Please wake up!"

The Ghost Of Painful Memories (A House Under Dreary Skies)
There is no home here now
Just a building that I can see
The grass has died and faded
And the walls are cracked and worn
The photos that once hung on the wall
Have now crashed to the floor

There's no home here now
There's no place to lay my head
The silence feels so hollow
Like emptiness and death

This is not the place I learned to
Walk, and talk, and live
It seems like a ghost of
A past that never happened...

I can forget the screams
I've learned how to forgive
But as I look around, I can tell
There is no home here now,
And this is no place I want to live...


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