All I Got For Christmas Was My Two Front Teeth, Dammit!

What do I do when sorrow drives a stake right through my heart?
Do I cry out loud in pain, clinch my chest and beg for relief?
Or do I just keep on walking like there's nothing bothering me?
You'll never know when it hurts
But when it hurts I want you to know
That I've been through this a thousand times before
Once I pleaded for bleeding or something more
But now that I'm grown and I'm on my way
Lines are just memories, passing away
Tell me, where do I go when heartache's pushing me to the edge of the cliff?
I've already dropped a thousand miles and I'm not sure where it'll go from here
Passion twists the fingers of the decadent messes to bring them to the surface for us all to enjoy
There's nothing like watching your greatest achievements being shattered by a hopeless romantic.
And I'll tie myself to the floor if it'll stop the train from hitting our blushing bride
Because her cheeks are so rosy I'm not sure she could take this all in stride
There's too many people with their minds on only one thing...
Who am I going home with tonight!
Tell me, who am I going home with tonight!
So what I do when compassion is nothing more than sinking cadaver in the middle of a tidal wave?
How do I bring back the chivalry that flourished just yesterday?
I could tell this story a thousand times but it wouldn't help you see the plight of the veterans.
So why not just barricade the door?
I'm not going home until someone shows me where all this love is coming from...
It's not over until somebody gets their way.


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