Christmas Eve In A Hotel Room

There's no way to lose track of the time
The alarm clock in my face, a constant reminder
The telephone don't ring, such a shame
It's like people think I want to sit and wallow in my pain

And there's just no place, like a hotel room on Christmas Eve
The only calming factor is the rubbish on TV
The dimly lit rooms, just a haven for the lonely
The sun doesn't rise on this side of the lobby…
There's just no place, for me.

The holidays in a hotel room just aren't the same.
The bed's not as warm and cozy and the one you left behind
With no one to talk to, watching cartoons all the time
Eating microwave lasagna isn't quite what I had in mind.
M&M's and potato chips, there's root beer in the fridge
With complimentary cups for you to pour it in.
With a single-cup coffee maker, and a lamp that swivels to any angle
I ask you just what more could anybody want?

With all these comforts of home, tell me why am I still alone?

My mind wanders to door, but I dare not open it
For fear of going out just seems a shame
I see all these couples walking, hand in hand for the holidays
And all they see is me.

I spend my money like its water, to try to pass the time,
If I tried to count the times I've gone shopping, I'd probably lose my mind.
In a feeble attempt just to appear alive.
Maybe I'll see someone I know, they'll ask me if I'm alright
I'll strike up a conversation, and we'll talk for hours at a time.
Or maybe not.

Maybe I'll just sit, and lose myself in these shows.
Shows that don't mean a thing to me…


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