Your End Starts Here

Lovers in this hotel room, dirty sheets to lie between
Just a look into your eyes, she knows what you mean
We both know the intentions, it happens here tonight
This flame will never die; try as other might.

Mother doesn’t understand, her face shows discontent
But this is love at it’s purest, never shall it wait
Now approaching baby, in the stomach of Therese.
This bond grows ever stronger; this passion will never cease

Mother, I’m not listening to a single word you say
One day you will see, you were wrong in every way

Now she lays upon the bed, the pain saturates her eyes
The baby is forthcoming, as both start to cry
Healthy baby boy, start you now your days
Your first gasps of life, just a glance of future ways

Nathaniel starts to crawl, he giggles and he cries
He’s such a beautiful baby; such a passionate life.


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