A Man Who Realizes Things Too Late

The weatherman said that it would surely rain.
So I decided to stay indoors for the remainder of the day
I made myself some tea and pulled a book from on the shelf
Trying to forget events that lead me to this hell.

Never again, never again, never again will I
Up and run without considering why
Always the same, Always the same, Always the same it seems to me
I've been living in this misery for years

When she walked away it crumbled
When I ran away she cried
She decided the fight was worth it
I decided not to fight
Is that regret in my thoughts
Is there a echo in my voice
Or is the walls of this lonely house
Just confirming what I know.

I'm alone, I'm alone, I'm alone
And there is nothing but silence here.
I can't talk, I can't talk to myself
Because my ears to do not want to hear
What my mouth, What my mouth, what my mouth
What my filthy mouth has to say.

I shall drink the blood of my own heart today.


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