Songs to Sing to The Maurauder's Wife Vol. II


And so we find ourselves here again.
Washed up on the shore and still searching for the land
A firm place to set our feet in before we collapse under the pressure of menaces
We'll look to the crooked legs, of bad dogs and joyful kids
Who run circles 'round the wishing well.
Throw in your pennies and sit a spell.

This is glory in a cage.
Lavished by the wind and the suns rays.
But still as beautiful as the day it began.
Throw in your pennies and wish again.


Juliya, you are just a girl.
Eyes pointed skyward and your ear to the world.
Hearts-a-flutter will speak your name.
And sing their praises through your window pane.
They coming, calling you beautiful
Your eyes like pools of emeralds
The way you sway is a miracle.
But Juliya, you're just a girl

And they will call you their medicine.
The cure for broken hearts, and the temptress of many men.
Just don't forget where you once lived.
There's always a home for you here my friend.


Passion is lost on those who will never seek the fire out before it dies.
They live reckless and pointless and sheltered lives.
They're all asleep while the world cries.
It will all flash black before their eyes.

What we wouldn't give to have the plight of the desert sands.
Surround by all your closest friends.
One step away from enternity
Not these miles between you and me.


Many men try to live in the sea.
Away from the world and it's chemistry
Away from sadness, anger and disease.

But you've got to reach dry land sometimes
Set your feet on solid ground
And rest your weary eyes
Because when you're so far away for so long
It's easy to be overtaken by everything going on.

The secrets of mariners remain in their minds
They do not reveal them when they die.


I think you'll find that I have shared more of my life with a piece of paper than a human being
You can only dig so deep before I inevitably shut you down.
Because I don't consider that my life, my life is what I have now.
Before this, it was all an illusion, just a dream
I like to think that when I was a being beaten, it was all just a dream
That these mental scars that are etched into my mind are just that of my own imagination.

Because I couldn't live with myself if I thought otherwise
Because it's so hard to forgive when you've been hurt so much
So it helps to just forget.

I think you'll find that I have shared more of my life with a piece of paper than a human being.
And to tell you truth I want nothing more than to throw these pieces of paper from the highest rooftop
So you all can hear me scream.

I think you'll find that my life...
Only started about 3 years ago...
So I'm a 3 year old.
I'm still learning
I'm still growing
Like a newborn baby with a stunning vocabulary
Like I birthed myself when I walked out that goddamn door.

18 years all a blur
18 years of pain
18 years of suffering unjustly, and literally going insane.
18 years of broken hearts, bruises and being alone.
It took me 18 years to find that where I was
Was no where that I would call home.