A Regretful Handful Full of Medication

Another dose will pull the tears back this time.
But you can't be afraid to feel your whole life.
We've come so far away for this to get us.
I've got to know that you'll trust me this time.

Why are you so convinced that I'll fail?
Where did your trust go, and how can I find it.
Why are you so sure this won't work?
The blueprints seem beautiful, the architecture laid.
You've laid eyes upon the groundwork, don't sabotage the frame.

Oh, your handful of little capsules may pull you away from reality now.
But I'm still here knocking at your glass case with a hammer, waiting for something to give.
My resolve to reach you is infinite.
and I'm tired of gritting my fucking teeth.
I'm biting my tongue so hard, blood is pouring from my mouth.
Mix it with the venom of my words, and to hell it shall amount.

You're not him, you never will be.
There's no reason to keep the world on hold
No reason to stop an emotional flood from breaking down the dam
Just talk to me.
We'll be alright.
Just let me know you need me.
I'll be just fine.
The world isn't yours to care for.
We're all alright.
Take a burden off your shoulders
Before the weight breaks your back in time.


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