Devil May Care (Victims Of The Poetic)

Us poets,
We don't speak in a language you'll understand
Sure, it's English, or Spanish or whatever is your native tongue
But we weave intricate stories
For the simple fact
That we want to make you think
We want to leave you guessing
Because thinking is the only think that will turn the world around

I've never stood on a stage and recited any of my poems
Because I get nervous in front of crowds and I hate public speaking
But why do I feel so filled with this need to do so
Like if I ever did it, that there would be a standing ovation
Because I know passion,
I know pain,
and I know how to say every word so you'll feel it too when I do

But I won't.
Because I'm sure that I would stutter on my words,
And you'd all think me a coward,
Yeah, sure I can write these words
But what's the point if no one reads them.

Hopefully someone reads them.
And someone thinks,
Because that's all I want you to do is think.
Think about what we're losing.
We're losing lives nowadays
We're losing jobs nowadays
The world's practically collapsing in on itself
And it's up to us to stop it somehow.

So think.



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