Surgery : Burning

I’ve been…
Waiting for the scalpel to tear
At the flesh of my skin
Hell, I’ve been…
Waiting for the minute
I felt like I could let you in…

And finally, it has come

This can be your season of burning
Let me be your flame, inside your heart
Let you; yearn for the surgery only I can deliver
Without a blade or instrument
Cuts don’t make it quicker.

You have spilled your own blood too many times before
Here am I just wanting to be more for you
Yearning to live with you, willing to die for you
Whole in your arms

Awake in your arms while I fall asleep in your arms
I’m not perfect but it doesn’t seem to matter in your arms
I’m not a (poet; I’m a) man with a message to speak
And I want you to hear me; I need you to hear me

Hear me say
“I love you”
And let it ring thru your heart
This message isn’t a scalpel
It’s the suture that you need
And when no one else will sew up the wound
I will…


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