Patient Operandi

I can't look back, white linoleum,
I've got these needles in my skin, I can feel it coursing
Running through my veins and it burns
One more dose of medicine, another to the hearse.

Now you gotta tell me what to do.
Because I've made up my mind that I am over you.
I got my hospital gown draggin' the floor
The IV in my neck is all I'm living for.
Just another dose of drugs to kick the pain
Just another dose of drugs to send it all away.

Baby, tell me that the fates, they aren't so cruel
To leave me inside these walls where the dead will rule
If you go, you might just turn back much too late.
I'll be hanging from the ceiling
Choking on the tongue that sealed my fate.

It's too late to turn back, we got a smoking gun

So keep running away baby, oh that's all you've ever known
I'll be hanging from the rafters if I just can't let you go.
I never been a strong one, and you never followed suit.
So run away darling, if that's all you know how to do.


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