The Rain Isn't Coming....Enjoy Your Drought

There was a venom in my mouth,
yes, there was heartache in these lungs
When I cursed your house the plagues
That originate from my tongue
I was a beast of many colors
Like a jackal in my head
I regret the voice of darkness
That spewed forth from 'neath my chest

And it's just another mistake on the list of things I never do right
An epiphany that makes the scars return and then I'm lost

Then I flooded what was once my rotten head
With a goodness that I felt
I was on the edge of breaking
Before it pulled me back to health
The sweet rhythms in my ears
Yes, the noises heard so clear
That replaced my venom with soil
Where flowers grow their children

And its just not like me to do this, I make no emotions for myself
But I learn that sometimes things cannot be placed back on a shelf
Encircled by a need that I
I really like to cry too.


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