I Jump To Conclusions Like It Was Fucking Hopscotch

We gave up fighting for this cause too long ago
Hanging our heads, trudging through the cold and the snow.
The handshakes that sealed the deals for us
As blood red as the killers we had grown to trust.

We all arrived too late for the gun fight...
Throwing in knives, a last ditch effort for sanity
The cry of our own humanity stifled by
The deaths of our sons and our daughters
We sent them to the ocean just to die in the waters.
So tell me where do the children go?
Tell me what have we done?

We sent the shiver and the tingle to your spine
Watching the horror unfold as we prepared you to die.
It's not the first time destruction was set in our minds.

If you call this a life, I call it a lie.


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