It Was Dark..

Midnight sweeping through the graveyard
She never felt the passion like this.
And they never touched this way
But it was just how they wanted it.

Quieter than a heartbeat.

The look he threw into her eyes was priceless
The glance she gave him, the same.
They knew the consequences and what others would say

The grip of her on his back was more than he could bear
The nails clawing into skin so beautifully
She held the touch of fire in her hands.

Then the blood, oh the blood
She began to exsanguinate
The pieces of flesh, she tore away.

She swallowed all of his innocence before she tore the heart from his chest.

Morning growing in the graveyard
The missing body, the tangled mess.
They’ll find him hidden deep in the hedgerow
And she’s nowhere to be found.


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